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Kiwi Country Clothing carry a unique range (much of it handmade) of products which are ideally suited for the following ailments and medical conditions;


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  1. Extreme 36.6 Hoodie MS1647

    Extreme 36.6 Hoodie MS1647

    • Hypo-allergenic double layer of possum fur, merino lambswool and silk, with wool outer treated for wind and rain. 

    • Extended length garment , with full hood for total torso and head  protection against the elements.

    • Maintains body temperature at 36.6 degrees in harsh weather, yet wearable all year round.

    • Ideal for hunting, fishing and farming.

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  2. Possum Merino Plain Dress Sock

    Possum Merino Plain Dress Sock

    • Soft rib top, luxuriously soft and gentle against frail skin
    • 21 Micron Merino Lycra core allows the socks to fit nice and snug
    • 38 % superfine merino
    • 32% possum fibre
    • 5% Lycra
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  3. nx677 topaz

    Possum Merino Silk Slouch hat NX677

    <&Bull;> Trendy super warm winter slouch hat <&Bull;> Luxury blend of possum fibre 20% superfine merino 70% and silk 10% <&Bull;> Easy fitting, all sizes, all ages, all weathers. <&Bull;> Super warm, super light, super soft <&Bull;> Low pill and Low maintenance
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  4. Nx100 Possum Merino with nylon gloveBlack

    Nx100 Possum Merino Glove With nylon

    • Tough, warm and super soft

    • Blend of possum merino and nylon (for added strength)

    • Ideal for diabetes, Reynaud’s and arthritis

    • Instant heat for your hands

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  5. Natural Brown Possum Fur  Insole

    Possum Fur Shoe and Boot Insole

    • 100% possum fur and leather insoles

    • Instant heat for your feet, regulates temp and moisture level

    • Fits into exisiting shoe or boot and packs down to zero

    • Amazingly soft, ideal for arthritis, diabetes and raynaud's

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  6. MX103 Fingerless Gloves - black

    MX103 Fingerless Glove

    These fingerless gloves are ideal for cold hands which need to have nimble fingers.. ideal for photographers, musicians and those using their laptops and tablets in cold weather.

    Also the perfect solution for diabetes and Reynaud’s sufferers. Practical instant heat solution.

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  7. Hot Water Bottle Cover

    Hot Water Bottle Cover

    • Ultra luxury for bedtime 

    • Two possum pelts in each cover

    • Velcro straps for easy opening/closing

    • Non-allergenic, and so soft against the skin.

    • Ideal for all poor circulation issues.

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  8. Mens Possum Fur shoes

    Possum Fur shoes

    This possum fur slipper /house shoe is hand made and offers total solution for cold feet, poor circulation. Diabetic and raynauds sufferers will get instant comfort and warmth from these super soft and super light footwear. They come into their own for issues with ulceration of the skin (often associated with Diabetes) and the softest of fur will gently stroke the skin and assist with healing of broken skin. the hollow fibre of the fur means that it traps the heat and acts as a temperature regulator. For people with cold intolerance, poor circulation, or have significant underlying health issues, these shoes/slippers will be the only footwear required and will have the added bonus of alleviating pain. Since 2014 in Ireland these possum products are now being recognised within the medical fraternity as offering genuine solutions for pain management and cold intolerance.

    This product is made to order so it will take one week to make and one week to deliver

    There are also a selectiond of pull up boots and higher zip boots available.
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  9. Ladies Possum Fur Leather Boots

    Possum Fur Leather Boots

    These are hand-made, naturally tanned (so no chemicals used in process) Fur possum boots. The ultimate solution for cold feet, poor circulation, diabetes issues and those suffering from Raynauds or Scleroderma. Anyone with cold intolerance or have neuropathy post cancer treatment, these are now recognised and recommended by the medical depts. For those with diabetes, the super soft fur fibre promotes healing of ulcerated skin. A trait... known as the effleurage effect, whereby the fur fibres gently and repeatedly stroke the skin, allows the skin to heal over time. it has been recognised and documented that possum socks have the same effect on blisters, chillblains etc with people who are constantly wearing rubber boots on farms etc. As possum fibre traps the heat and acts as a temperature regulator, this ensures that the bloodflow stays constant and the foot stays warm.

    This product is made to order so it will take one week to make and one week to deliver.

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  10. Possum Fur Mittens

    Possum Fur and leather Mittens

    Possum leather is the strongest skin, after polar bear leather. The fibre in the fur is hollow thus allowing it to regulate temperature, as the hollow fibres trap the heat. This is the most robust, durable mitt to allow for manual work in cold conditions They are also medically proven to reduce pain and sooth neuropathic sensitivities ... via the nerve receptors under the skin (known as the effleurage effect). where by the repetitive stroking of the very fine fur fibres against the skin soothes the nerve endings. There is much medical evidence now becoming available to back up this claim... Once ordered, one week to make and one week to deliver from NZ to you. 

    This product is made to order so it will take one week to make and one week to deliver

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