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Possum Fur

Possum Fur

Possum Fur

Please note bespoke items need to be ordered before 20th November to ensure delivery for Christmas

To learn more about Possum Fur listen to Liz Speaking about it on Country Wide with Damien O Reilly here

The Possum is our predominant pest in New Zealand.It is culled to protect our beautiful native bird and bush life. Possum fur is a very high quality fur, with hollow fibres which traps the warm air creates outstanding heat retention. It is very luxurious to the touch, feeling softer than mink, and very durable.It is very much considered an eco-friendly product.


Our range of bespoke made hats, gloves, scarves, insoles, mittens and footwear are the ultimate in superior warmth.Some items are designed for the fashion conscious individual, who appreciates quality and style. Other products (such as the footwear, insoles and mittens) are made for those who suffer from cold feet, hands and have underlying health issues (such as Diabetes, Reynaud’s disease, Rheumatoid arthritis).

There are seven grades of possum fur. Kiwi Country Clothing only use Grade One in all our bespoke handmade accessories including the insoles.

We keep our pricepoint keen, though always use only premium grade fur. Quality Counts!!!


Click here for more information on Possum Fur Accessories

We carry regular stock of insoles, pompom head bands and collars and cuffs. Hats, shoes and boots are made to order. One week to make and one week to send from NZ to you. We are sole supplier of this range of bespoke possum fur in this part of the world.


Possum is unique in that it actually creates heat in the joints and allows the extremities to stay warm.

The mittens (and possum/merino fingerless gloves) are ideal for musicians, photographers and anyone needing their fingers to work in the outdoors. The fingers remain warm even though exposed.The insoles are ideal for riding boots, farmer’s wellingtons and parent’s standing on the wings watching their little darlings on the playing pitch during the long Winter months. 

There simply is not better product available anywhere which works as good as possum... and it gets the eco tick to boot!

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  1. Pompom Headband / Collar

    Pompom Headband / Collar Possum Fur

    • Classic luxury fur headband, which double as collar, complete with pom pom.

    • Black and natural brown normally in stock, softer than mink.

    • Ideal to dress up an old coat or jacket

    • Superior, instant warmth.

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  2. Long Possum Scarf

    Long Possum Fur Scarf

        Long wrap around scarf 1.45cm (57inches)...
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  3. Ladies Possum Fur Leather Boots

    Possum Fur Leather Boots

    These are hand-made, naturally tanned (so no chemicals used in process) Fur possum boots. The ultimate solution for cold feet, poor circulation, diabetes issues and those suffereing from Raynauds.

    This product is made to order so it will take one week to make and one week to deliver

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  4. Natural Brown Possum Fur  Insole

    Possum Fur Shoe and Boot Insole

    • 100% possum fur and leather insoles

    • Instant heat for your feet, regulates temp and moisture level

    • Fits into exisiting shoe or boot and packs down to zero

    • Amazingly soft, ideal for arthritis, diabetes and raynaud's

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  5. possum fur full leather gloves

    possum fur full leather gloves

    • Full mitt with extra long wrist length
    • Full fur interior
    • Naturally tanned product
    • Super tough leather
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  6. All Purpose Possum Fur And Leather Hat

    All Purpose Possum Fur And Leather Hat Kea

    The Ultimate ski, fishing, boating, tramping, work hat. All Possum Leather exterior. Possum Leather soft peak . Possum Leather side flaps. Shortened peak for stability in high winds. Extended side flaps cover ears and back of the neck. Three domes...
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  7. Hot Water Bottle Cover

    Hot Water Bottle Cover

    • Ultra luxury for bedtime 

    • Two possum pelts in each cover

    • Velcro straps for easy opening/closing

    • Non-allergenic, and so soft against the skin.

    • Ideal for all poor circulation issues.

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  8. Possum Cuffs

    Possum Cuffs

    • Elasticated reversible cuffs to enhance a coat or jacket. 

    • Create instant heat for your wrists which extends into the hand.

    • Can move from one garment to another.

    • Ideal to combine with pom pom headband/collar to create and ensemble piece.

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  9. Mens Possum Fur shoes

    Possum Fur shoes

    This possum fur slipper /house shoe is hand made and offers total solution for cold feet, poor circulation, diabetic and raynauds sufferers will get instant comfort and warmth from  these.

    This product is made to order so it will take one week to make and one week to deliver

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  10. Possum Fur Mittens

    Possum Fur and leather Mittens

    Possum leather is the strongest skin, after polar bear leather. True! This is the most robust, durable mitt to allow manual work in cold conditions. Once ordered, on week to make and one week to deliver from NZ to you. 

    This product is made to order so it will take one week to make and one week to deliver

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