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Mens Possum Merino

Mens Possum Merino

Kiwi Country Clothing... The home of possum/merino in Ireland.

The unique blend of possum fur and merino lambs wool creates a luxuriously soft and exclusive fibre. Each of these garments can be worn throughout the years and still look as new as the day it was puchased.

Our signature 36.6 range of hard working double-layer possum merino is a truly outstanding product. Designed for working in harsh weather conditions, the inner layer consists of the possum/merino/silk blend, for warmth, softness and moves moisture away from the skin. The outer layer is treated for wind and rain, so it is windproof, and it is slow to absorb rain as it sits on the surface of the garment. However, we do not claim it is waterproof. The garment had to undergo rigourous testing before NZ commerce commission would allow MKM to use the 36.6 brand on this range of high performance work and leisure wear. Ideal for hunting, fishing etc in cold weather as the garments will always regulate body temperature.

 Possum/Merino/Silk Crewneck Jumper


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True quality will allways stand the test of time.

Possum/Merino is the lightest and warmest garment available on the market. It is 55% warmer than merino and 35% warmer than cashmere.

The hollow fibre in the possum fur allows it to retain body heat. It also has the great advantage in that possum merino does not pill/ball therefore it is much more durable. Any possum merino garment which is maintained according to care/instruction (handwash or special wool wash cycle) will look wonderful for years to come.


Size Chest Length CBN Arm
S 53cm 68cm 79cm 18cm
M 55.5cm 70.5cm 81cm 19cm
L 58cm 73cm   85cm 20cm
XL 60.5cm 75.5cm 87cm 21cm
2XL 63cm 78cm 89cm 22cm
3XL 65.5cm 80.5cm 91cm 23cm

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