The socks you don't wash!

The socks you don't wash!

Elizabeth McGuinnessOct 24, '20

They say truth is stranger than fiction...well, here at Kiwi Country Clothing we are proving this notion to be true! Our famous, iconic Possum trekker farm/boot socks have been causing quite the stir, especially amongst the farming fraternity. Anyone who has ever encountered a foot coming out of a wellington/farm boot will know how unctious the awful smell of the feet, socks and boots themselves can be...

Enter the fray POSSUM TREKKERS. Made from merino lambswool, angora and possum fur fibre (a recycled product by the way) these socks have proven to be the sole answer to smelly sweaty feet, cold feet, cracked heels, chilblains- you could almost deem them as being miracle socks. However, the magic is in the possum. merino, as many will know has been used for years to be worn as undergarments in cold weather which require less washing than other fabrics. Its warm, breathable and gentle against the skin.

Mountain climbers, fishermen, intrepid journey makers, they all look to merino. Now we have from New Zealand possum merino, a blend of both fibres. We say to farmers (or anyone who wishes to wear them) wear 365 and wash at the end of the season...indeed some guys pride themselves in not ever washing them... turns out the possum with its hollow fibre is doing all the hard work whilst being worn. No smell. No sweat. No joke, as we say. See the reviews on the website. 

We also make a similar sock for diabetics with a soft expandable top, seamless toe and very soft and warm to the touch. All out possum merino socks stimulate bloodflow and good circulation to warm up the feet right to the toes.

Over the past three/four years more and more referrals coming from GPs, Occupational therapists and other medical depts, as the possum is proving the answer to a myriad of underlying health issues for people with either cold intolerance, diabetes, Raynaud's, arthritis etc. Also it seems that the possum and possum merino products are excellent for those who are experiencing neuropathy post cancer treatment.



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