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Home Catalogue Oilskins/Rainwear
Home Catalogue Oilskins/Rainwear

Oilskins/ Rainwear

Please note UK customers: there are no extra charges, customs or vat on top of what you pay on our website.  All deliveries with Royal  Mail.
Also given the strength of sterling against the is very timely to purchase from us to get the added benefit of the exchange rate.
If I can assist further with any queries please call me anytime
00353 8689 31953.
Thank you. Elizabeth McGuinness


Outback oilskins command almost 90% of the market in New Zealand for outdoor work clothing (rainwear).
1200 gauge Egyptian cotton.
100% breathable.
100% waterproof.
Resistant to barbed wire. 
Warm in winter. Cool in summer.
High performance and long-lasting.
Many bonus features.
Cleaning instructions: "Hang and Hose!"