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We are more than happy to discuss your needs directly on phone. 7 days 9am to 9pm. We pride ourselves on our level of Customer Service.

Due to Brexit, if UK customers have any issue buying online, please call me directly. 00353 8689 31953 and I will assist immediately. Elizabeth


The possum (native to Australia) was introduced to New Zealand in 1837 with a view to developing a fur industry which would prevent many Kiwi farmers risking death by hypothermia due to the bitterly sub-zero winters, especially ...Read More.

Who Do We Help?

Here at Possie Health we truly are a unique business anywhere in the world.

We see some very traumatic injuries, deformations due to arthritis,  scleroderma, diabetes burns, neuropathy, shingles etc.

The  overwhelming feedback is huge success for pain management especially in the cold weather and significant nerve pain reduction .. all due to the possum.

This is only a small selection of the various issues we have dressed with bespoke made possum products.

What makes this such a success story in Ireland is that one medical professionals came to me in the first instance… an amazing lady in CUH called Annette O Driscoll.

Now more and more medics refer to us for all kinds of injuries, degenerative disorders and many other underlying health issues.


A pregnant lady who was in dire straits with pain and lack of sleep, no medication working.

Instantly as she said; Instant relief.

Her name is Kate. She was blown away and was in tears as she lay on a possum pelt and pain literally disappeared.

The loss of an Arm

This lovely man lost his arm nearly 40 years ago in a farm accident.

As the years passed, he found winter unbearable due to the nerve pain in cold weather (very common with all amputees)

He was referred by his specialist in Cork University Hospital.

We measured his stump and made a bespoke cup for him.

A Severed Hand

This gentleman from the UK lost half of his hand in a yachting accident.

His nerve pain was unbearable, especially in the cold winter weather.

His physician referred him to me and we met in Dublin in 2019.

I measured his hand and set about making a bespoke possum sheath.


Deformed hand due to arthritis and Raynaud's syndrome

This man was referred by his professor of rheumatology due to the deteriorating issues with his hands.

One hand in particular was much worse than the other. He has arthritis but also Raynauds syndrome.

Cold weather makes life intolerable for any of these issues due to significant level of pain, which medication does not

As he lived some distance away, like many of our clients, we simply asked for photographs and measurements.

We completed the process over the phone. Easy! Two weeks later he had his bespoke made possum gloves… each made to measure. We show here only the right hand, as it was much more critical.