Why Possum Works for Pain Control and Superior Warmth ?

The possum fibre is hollow which allows it to breathe and provide thermal stability, thus creates better blood flow and warmth, most notably in the extremities, which are most vulnerable in cold weather, but also for all joints or spinal area where arthritis or injury may be causing pain. The possum fibre maintains a constant temperature several degrees warmer than the skin’s surface. It also helps prevent perspiration and condensation building up on the skin.
The hollow fibre absorbs surface moisture (sweat) and evaporates away.

The "Effleurage" Effect: How it works ? 

Effleurage; The fur fibres also create an effect called Effleurage… a recognized medical effect of light stroking of the skin. It stimulates the nerve receptors in the skin to such a degree that it competes with the pressure signals (pain) from deeper stressed tissues. This effleurage effect overlays pleasurable sensations on the same neural pathway, effectively modifying the sensations and helping to relieve pain and discomfort.
It has been found also very beneficial for those post radium or chemotherapy treatment who suffer from neuropathy in their feet and hands.

Eco-friendly status of Possum 

It’s worth noting that the possum is a recycled product. It is not bred for fur harvesting. Possum is not native to NZ and has no natural predator, hence the need for a Dept of Conservation culling programme.
Possum are a most damaging pest to NZ environment, defoliating our native forests in New Zealand and attack and kill our native birds and eat the eggs.
The harvesting of the possum is essential to protect the unique and endangered wildlife and their habitat in NZ. Harvesting practices meet NZ code of Welfare issued under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. New Zealand is a world leader in animal welfare practices.
I need to point this out, so as to appease the animal rights movement in this part of the world.

Everything made with possum in NZ carries an environmentally-friendly tick.
Products made with a combination of possum fur and merino wool are also available.
The possum merino gloves are ideal for Reynaud’s and scleroderma and similarly the low tension, soft top seamless socks for diabetes.
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