About Us

I came back from New Zealand in 2012 on a mission to dress farmers, outdoors enthusiasts and older and colder people in proper, effective and durable clothing for cold and wet weather. I've been cold all my life and nothing worked until I found the answers on my first NZ trip in 1998.
New Zealand excels in producing wonderful waterproof rainwear and fantastically warm  possum merino knitwear. Anything I had been wearing for at least 10 years which was still holding up well, I included in my collection for Kiwi Country Clothing.
Ironically, I am  now my own patient, having been diagnosed with Scleroderma and Lupus in 2017. I cannot tolerate the cold at all now. Even going into supermarket .. and needing produce from chiller cabinets I must be wrapped in possum merino.
We are the "go to" shop now for people who need warmth and need to stay dry whilst out in the rain and the cold. We are absolutely dedicated to providing the best solutions for all our customers. Similarly for people with restricted mobility and underlying health issues, there is a range of products to suit a variety of needs.
Increasingly our business has expanded into healthcare and hospital sector. Feet products for diabetes, poor circulation and restricted mobility. Handwear for arthritis,  Raynauds, scleroderma and nerve pain.
We are now supplying possum products into numerous hospitals in Ireland for people who have suffered trauma to their hands or feet. GPs regularly refer their patients for socks, gloves and other items.
Our success rate has been heralded by the occupational therapy (OT) departments in hospitals as having 100% effective. 

I am happy to take phone calls to discuss your needs seven days a week after 5 pm. And we sell directly to you over the phone if you so wish.

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