New Zealand 36.6 Beanie KC1648

From the same stable as the technologically advanced Tasman 36.6 Sweater and the Extreme 36.6 Hoodie this hat also features a double layer. The outer layer is pure new wool, and the inner layer is the softest, warmest blend you've ever felt: possum fibre blended with wool, and 10% nylon for longevity and durability. Your head will love you for this!

This unique double possum and wool layer system enables you to maintain your optimum body temperature (hence the 36.6 on the label) by cutting out vicious wind chill, and the hollow core possum fibre traps the heat next to your head.

Made in New Zealand at Palmerston North

Composition/Blend: 25% Possum 65% Wool 10% Nylon

One Size Adults