Possum Merino 36.6 Work Glove KC316

 •Warm, yet tough for outdoors work
• Polypropylene draws the moisture away from skin to exterior of glove
• Cool to warm machine or hand wash
• 10% possum fur, 37% super fine merino, 5% silk, 40% polypropylene, 8% elastane
• Very good gripping for driving. Amazing comfort and warmth.

This unique double possum and polprop layer system enables you to maintain your optimum body temperature (36.6) by cutting out the wind and trapping heat. Super soft. Durable. Ultra warm. Wind killer.
This glove best option for working outdoors, on the farm, mucking out stables, walkign the dogs, Also ideal for cycling in winter.  Intended to use in wet weather also. equally desirable to keep hands warm in very cold weather. The best hard workign glove in its class for cold hands.

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