Possum arm band for pain relief PHAB

We can make to measure a possum arm band. You just give me your measurements in cm (centimetres) over the phone. A photograph is helpful if there is any unique aspect which needs to be factored in (eg damaged skin, swelling etc). We pride ourselves in offering a quick and efficient service. Normally from order to delivery, it will take approximately 6 working days. A velcro strap secures the band  and if you are on your own you an close it first and slide it up your arm (as seen in the video).


Possum is medically proven (anecdotally from the OTs and specialists in a number of hospitals across Ireland) to significantly reduce pain in any area of the body. CRPS, arthritis, amputated joints or body parts, neuropathy post cancer treatment. Possum fibre has also the unique property of healing broken skin, ulcerations and burns.