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 I grew up on a dairy farm in Monaghan in the 70s and 80s.
I know what it's like to work (calving cows and mucking out for example) in depths of harsh winters!
In the wind and in the rain and in the snow.
The range of clothing outlined below is ideal for all outdoors work and some leisure pursuits.

So… when I discovered Outback oilskins in the NZ HQ in Palmerston North in 1999 I never looked back.
I bought my first Low Rider Duster in 1999 which I still have  and is in great condition… as are other items of clothing I have for many years from Outback range.
The core range are made from 1200 gauge Egyptian cotton.
They are 100% waterproof yet 100% breathable.
They are very resistant to barbed wire (very important on the farm).
You have to love the cleaning instructions; HANG AND HOSE!


Then we have the 36.6 possum merino farm/workwear range.
This range is truly impressive and there is nothing else to compare to it on the market in Europe.
It's also made in Palmerston North, where I lived from 1999-2012.
Possum merino is 35% warmer than cashmere, 55% warmer than merino and is very durable with low maintenance required.

So! we sell the Tasman sweater: no matter how cold, your body temperature stays at 36.6 degrees.
It is windproof and whilst we did not market it as rainproof, it can take up to 6-7 hours of rain and you are still dry.
It has a double layer (possum/merino/silk inner lining and a lanolin rich wool outer layer.
To complement this range we have the EXTREME hoodie which is ideal for winter hunting, shooting , fishing etc.
Then the 36.6 beanie and the amazing  No-Wash POSSUM TREKKER socks and the work gloves and fingerless mitts.
From head to toe, you will be rigged out to stay warm and dry in the worst of bad winter weather.

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