Possum Cuffs

These possum cuffs are the answer for ladies who have arthritis, bad circulation or other cold weather intolerance issues. (there is a separate band for men). They are elasticated and very comfortable.

They come in small , medium and large sizes and are available in a range of colours (black, brown, natural grey). The bonus with these cuffs is that they enhance a coat or jacket and give it a WOW! factor.


Possum generates heat and stimulates blood flow, thus the entire hand, along with the wrist will stay warm and allow flexibility of movement. Due to the hollow nature of the possum fibre, it traps the heat and acts as a natural insulator.


I fractured my wrist badly in 2016. My entire had was so cold as well as painful. My therapist suggested possum. Absolutely brilliant. The fur warmed me up so much that as well as being warm the hand and wrist was and still is fully flexible. This is now my fourth winter and still as good as new.

Pat. Cork