Possum Merino Silk Baby Blanket / Christening blanket KC470

This gorgeous, supersoft possum merino silk baby blanket is a genuine heirloom gift for a baby and will endure for years.

Made from our luxury blend of 70% superfine merino lambswool, 20% possum fibre and 10% silk.

It is desirable as a Christening blanket, but more importantly as possum merino regulates temperature to 36.6, the baby will maintain temperature, no matter what the surrounding temperature is.

The other very important benefit is that the super softness of the blanket is excellent for any skin irritations (which can be quite common with infants). Possum is gaining greater momentum in recent years for its inherent benefit for damaged skin ( we see it all the time with diabetic feet and farmers' feet which regularly  suffer chilblains or cracked heels... within a matter of days their possum socks rectify their broken skin, and we get numerous compliments and positive feedback back the wearers of the possum  merino socks).

We know for certain that as the babies grow, the become very attached to their "comfy" blankets and take them everywhere with them... 3, years 4 years, even 5 and 6 year olds want to have their "comfy" blanket with them even when travelling on hols etc... or visiting the grandparents.

The fabric is very durable and low maintenance. A baby will have an excellent night's sleep as they will not over heat or get cold. 

This is the only blanket your baby will need from the cradle to starting school and for quite some time  thereafter. 

A fantastic practical yet luxurious gift for a new baby. Comes in cream/white only.