Possum wrist band for pain relief PHWB

this simple, yet effective possum wrist band has proven to be excellent in relieving wrist pain. Whether accidental damage, nerve or arthritic issues, the possum generates excellent blood flow to the area and warms up the joint in a matter of minutes. The effleurage effect (see main article on benefits of possum) stimulates the nerves receptors under the skin, overlaying pleasurable sensations and causes a soothing effect, which relives the pain and discomfort. It similarly is very beneficial for skin ulcerations or burns. SUITABLE FOR RSI


Wear the band with the fur to skin. The Velcro strap secures in place and has adaptable strap which allows for occasional swelling.

Gentle (occasional) hand washing recommended.

Small  16/17cm

Medium 17-18cm

Large  18-19cm

XL 19 -21cm

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