Tasman 36.6 Zip Pullover KC1645

• Outstanding high performance double layer zip jersey

• Inner layer of possum merino silk. Outer of protective wool layer with natural lanolin 

• Maintains body temp at 36.6 irrespective of change in weather/temp.

• Windproof, does not absorb rain easily, extremely durable, and super-soft against the skin.

• Low maintenance, and built for the working /outdoors man.

• Very generous fitting. A Euro XL man should get a size L, as it is in NZ sizes

Double layer of possum fur merino inner and pure wool windproof outer wool, unique and amazing garment for the outdoors. Keeps the body temp at 36.6 a unique and unrivalled product available only from Kiwi Country Clothing. This concept fo 36.6 became a reality when MKm set about creating a "Double layer" garment whcih can work hard in the outdoors, yet keeping you warm, even as the day's temperature may warm up,your body temp will remain constant. 

We had to go through rigorous process to prove to NZ Commerce Commission that this range of clothing actually does keep your body at 36.6.