Extreme 36.6 Zip Sweater KC1647

  •  Hypo-allergenic double layer of possum fur, merino lambswool and silk, with wool outer treated for wind and rain.

  • Extended length garment , with full hood for total torso and head  protection against the elements.

  • Maintains body temperature at 36.6 degrees in harsh weather, yet wearable all year round.

  • Ideal for hunting, fishing and farming.

  • Very generous fitting. A Euro XL man should get a size L, as it is in NZ sizes

Double layer of possum fur merino silk inner and pure wool windproof outer wool. Unique and high performance  garment for the outdoors. Maintains your body heat at 36.6! MKM had to go through rigorous testing to satisfy NZ Commerce commission that the product does exactly what it says on the label... literally!

 This Extreme hoodie is the ideal for fishing, hunting and other outdoor winter pursuits. There is nothing else on the market to compare with this outstanding range of clothing. See also the Tasman jumper and the 36.6 beanie in this category.