Vee Neck Plain Sweater KC396

This stylish 'v' neck sweater is a wardrobe essential because of its classic lines that flatter your figure, and it is made with whole garment technology without side seams for a super comfortable fit. The blend of possum fibre, and superfine merino wool is up to 55% warmer than wool alone, but much lighter thanks to the hollow core of the possum fibre that traps heat next to your body. The design of this sweater, combined with the luxurious feel of possum, wool, and silk that rivals the feel of cashmere, makes this garment a must-have.

Our Bestseller Vee neck!!

100% authentic made in New Zealand.

Blend/Composition: 20% possum fibre, 70% super fine merino, 10% silk

Amazingly light yet very warm

55% warmer than merino

35% warmer than cashmere

Non-itch. Non-pill.