Possum Fur and Leather Mittens for damaged or cold hands/ single hand or pair

These bespoke made leather and fur mitts are simply the most durable and warm pair of handwear money can buy.

Possum leather is the next toughest leather after polar bear skin.

They are made with extra length to cover past the wrist bone. Available in burgundy red or dark brown S, M, L, XL

The ultimate Possum fur and leather mittens with bonus of being waterproof.The hollow fur fibre inside keeps hands warm even in sub zero temperatures. Conversely, the hollow fibre fur also keeps body temp at 36.6 so body part cannot overheat.

Essentially, possum fur promotes bloodflow and positive circulation, so the warmth factor alleviates pain. the bonus factor of the effleurage effect soothes the skin. Please refer to the introduction on this site to learn more about the medical science behind this product.

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