Fingerless Possum Mitts with Thumbs for pain relief/ single hand or pair

These possum mitts with thumb in are the complete solution for those who have pain in hand, including the thumb, but need their fingertips for work purposes. We guarantee your fingertips will remain warm. It's all about the blood flow and circulation.

These are made to measure... you can get one hand only or both. If one hand bigger than other due to swelling or damage, that's not an issue. We make to measure. Please call us. 

The possum leather is extremely robust... second strongest leather after polar bear skin, yet extremely soft and pliable... thus giving full range of movement. The possum fur on the interior creates amazing warmth and reduces the pain significantly within minutes. 

These thumb-in mitts have proven the most requested item from the OT depts in the hospitals across Ireland. Cork University hospital has confirmed 100% success rate for their clients for pain management. Wonderful praise indeed.

Please scroll down to see videos of happy clients.

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